Supplement Items

General clean-up

This item needed to remove small debris from landscaping, walkways and driveways. Also includes using a magnetic device to clear the property of discarded roofing nails. The line item for removal of shingles only includes labor to remove shingles from the roof, not for final cleaning of the property.

  • Residential Supervision / Project Management – per hour
  • Paint – one coat

Paint drip edge to match fascia.

  • Prime & paint gutter / downspout
  • Items need to be removed and replaced if they are repairing
  • Valley metal
  • Gable
  • Step flashing
  • Flashing
  • Prime & paint roof vent
  • Prime & paint pipe jack
  • Custom bent metal
  • 40 ft extension ladder for two-story or greater
  • General labor
  • Dumpster (Only if no dump fees or debris removal are not included)
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Chimney Cricket
  • Flue Cap
  • Satellite – Detach and reset
  • Gutter/downspout – Detach and reset

*Anything that is not provided on the Insurance Scope can be added as Supplement Items if they are necessary to bring the roof back to its original state before damages occurred and or are required per building standards and are required to fully warranty the job.

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